Nairobi Airport Transfers | 24 hours Airport Transfers & Taxi services JKIA
Nairobi airport taxi services book JKIA yellow cabs for safe transport best services for taxi Nairobi airport to city center,downtown,westlands. Find taxi fares cost and prices on arrival at Nairobi JKIA.
Nairobi airport transfers an airport taxi services for 24 hours at Nairobi JKIA with offices at Nairobi Airport for all Nairobi Airport ground transport handling for arrival guests.We offer reliable transfers to and from Nairobi airport ,Nairobi hotel shuttle transport with best costs and guided tours on your travel Kenya
JKIA Yellow cabs taxis Nairobi Airport Taxi operator 24 hours Airport office cab services book your Airport transport to city hotels,private airport transfers to and from JKIA,group travel and luxury transfers

JKIA Yellow cabs taxis Nairobi Airport Taxi operator 24 hours Airport office cab services book your Airport transport to city hotels,private airport transfers to and from JKIA,group travel and luxury transfers>Taxi from Nairobi airport to hotel hotels in Westlands CBD,city center,wilson airport,downtown also find transportation from nairobi airport JKIA to hotels outside the city Taxi fares,cost of Taxi services for all Nairobi Airport transfers cab services to and from Nairobi airport as well cab transfers to and from Nairobi Wilson Airport Langata

Nairobi Airport Taxi services Yellow cab taxis from Nairobi Airport JKIA for arrival departure Transport
Nairobi airport taxi services -Taxi to JKIA-Kenya Airport Taxis-Nairobi Airport Cabs book with Nairobi airport Yellow cab taxi Services
Nairobi to Arusha Shuttle transfers, Privare car hire Transfers to Arusha
Nairobi airport Taxi services Yellow cab Taxis Transfers from JKIA to Nairobi Hotels
From Nairobi Airport JKIA
To Nairobi City hotels
Price in (US$)
No of Pax Book and pay cash on arrival!!!
JKIA City Hotels
1-3 pax
Nairobi Airport Taxi Nairobi Hotels
4-6 Pax
Nairobi JKIA Nairoi City Center
6-8 pax
Nairobi airport JKIA Nairobi City hotels
9-22 Pax
JKIA Nairobi Airport Wilson Airport Langata
1-3 Pax
Nairobi JKIA Kenya Sgr Train station
Luxury Car and private driver Guide for 100$ within Nairobi


Taxi From Nairobi Airport with JKIA Taxis Services from Nairobi airport Book a cab today take a Yellow cab taxi to transfer you city hotel,book with a reliable car hire company












Arrival / Travel to Kenya : Arriving Nairobi Airport JKIA and need Nairobi Airport Taxi to City hotels,cbd city center.Find taxi cost for all JKIA airport and taxi cab services to and from Nairobi Airport as well to and from Wilson Airport.

Kenya Airport Taxis Nairobi Airport Taxi Services: low cost of Nairobi Airport Taxi Best Price Private Transfers.JKIA Airport Transfers with Taxi, Minivan, Minibus & Coach also private car hire in Nairobi

Nairobi Airport Cabs JKIA: Tarvelling to Kenya Find Nairobi Taxi fare Travel Services full day taxi fare in Nairobi, Kenya.Book your Official yellow cab taxi cab services from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport to Hotel,Apartment,Guest Houses.We offer airport transfers from Jomo Kenyatta International or Wilson Airports

Nairobi Airport Taxi to Nairobi Hotels,CBD,City Center - 1-3 Pax
Low Budget cost transfer from JKIA to the City (20$)

(Rate per car load)

Nairobi JKIA Taxi Cabs to Nairobi Hotels 4-6 Pax
Nairobi Airport Yellow taxi to Nairobi City hotels 30$
(Rate per car load)

Nairobi Airport transfers group private transport to City hotel from JKIA
Bus Private Bus Hire 9-22 Pax -Nairobi Rate of 100$
(Rate per car load)

Nairobi Car Hire Services- Car and driver hire in Nairobi Hire a car and driver in Nairobi ..plan budget travel while in Nairobi Book a 5 luxury Mini van while in Nairobi

(Rate per car load)
rate of 100$





Nariobi 08.00hrs Arusha 14.00hrs
25 USD
Nariobi 14.00hrs Arusha 19.00hrs
25 USD
Nairobi 08.00hrs Moshi 16.00hrs
30 USD

Arusha 08.00hrs Nairobi 14.00hrs
25 USD

Arusha 14.00hrs Nairobi 13.30hrs
25 USD

Nariobi to Arusha 1-6 pax Private
Bus Hire Reserve (group Rate per car load)
Travel at own times
Nairobi to Arusha 25 Seater Private Bus Hire (group Rate per car load)
Travel at own times..
Nairobi to Moshi 25 Seater Private Bus Hire (group Rate per car load)
Travel at own times..

Nairobi to Arusha Shuttles Book Private Transfers with Private Minivan Transfers Hire a private minivan online booking with Nairobi Airport Shuttle and hotel services taxi company for Kenya to Tanzania transport

Visa Requirements to Kenya

Visa Requirements to Tanzania

Distance and Time Travel Nairobi Arusha Moshi

Kenya - Tanzania Distance/Transit time
Nairobi Namanga Arusha 280kms 5 hrs
Nairobi Moshi 380kms 6 hrs
Pick up Points Nairobi:All Nairobi Central Hotels,Nairobi JKIA.Pick up time 7.30am
Departing point Is Parkside hotel Monrovia Street
Pick up Points Arusha:All Arusha Central hotels .Pick up time 7.30am
Departure Point is Mezaruna
Pick up Points Moshi:All Moshi Hotels .Pick up time 5.30am and 10.30am
Departure Point at Old Post office Bld



Nairobi Airport Yellow Cab Taxi services

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Muindi Mbingu Street, Portal Place House 4th Floor Suite 410A
Nairobi Aiport (JKIA) Office (24 hours service)
Jomo Kenyatta International Aiport Arrivals
Ground Floor Nairobi Kenya (opposite Barclays Bank )
JKIA Nairobi & Wilson Airport Transfers:To & From Nairobi City Center & Suburbs and Kenya counties