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we are a professional Kenyan taxi company

Among all the taxi cab companies in Nairobi Kenya, we are the most prominent taxi company in the city. We have been successfully operating our cab company in Kenya and other surrounding areas for over 16 years.Yellow Cab Taxi JKIA Nairobi strive to be the best in giving visitors the ultimate Kenyan experience of a lifetime, and set the highest standards in private tours and airport transfers.We go beyond expectation to ensure that we present very valued impression that will forever be remembered by visitors. We believe that the personalized private Airport Transfers and Tours we operate, offer a very different aspect to our tourism product. We present various aspects of our diverse culture in a very interesting, informative and exciting manner.


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You can totally rely on our Yellow Cab Taxi Nairobi company in Nairobi for a comfortable and luxurious tax service. We offer prompt, convenient and the most economical door to door taxi service.

We have different taxicabs operating in all city of Nairobi 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can spot them easily without a hitch; all of our taxi cabs have our distinctive logo design.

Our services include cab service, Nairobi airport taxi service and corporate taxi services. We offer specialized taxi services for the school children and the elderly.
All our drivers are licensed and they have cleared thorough background check before we hire them. They are warm, courteous and have an excellent knowledge of different routes in the city.

Our taxis are equipped with all of the latest technologies, including GPS and satellite location trackers. Most of our taxis have digital audio players and are accessible from the customers seats. We also keep updating the latest technologies and equipments.

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we have a selection of 5 different types of taxis

different vehicle types depending on your needs and occasions.

This is a standard vehicle, a great value for money choice to go for and is good for airport, station, hotel and school transfers and even day to day runs..

This is a standard vehicle luxurious inside, a great value for money choice to go for and is good for airport, station, hotel, but can take up to 5 passengers.

This is a standard vehicle, a great value for money choice to go for and is good for airport, station, hotel, but can take up to 5 passengers.

The Private Shuttle mini bus carries 25 individuals, making it an ideal car for airport or hotel transfers, where you can enjoy space, comfort and luxury (and if you need it, a comfortable environment to work in)

our drivers

all our drivers are professionals:

01 experienced drivers with skills // Trained to drive in the safest and most environmentally-friendly manner possible
02 given customer service coaching // Put through our onerous entrance exam - the have aknowledge of Nairobi and its environ
03 trained to perfection - you can test their skills today // High-calibre individuals - that's why we call them by their names, not just a call sign

if you are interested in joining our team feel free to drop us a line or register in our "driver initiative"


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we are working in Nairobi and its neighbouring. our sole purpose is to please our customers by giving them a lifetime experience with our taxi services.

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Yellow Cab Taxi Nairobi is a registered and bonded taxi operator in Kenya.



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